Also called as an institution of Local Governance called “Urban Local Body” (ULB) . There are various categories of ULBs in Uttar Pradesh and we are classified as a “Nagar Palika ” type of ULB. We are constituted as per the Constitutional provisions in the Constitution of India . The 74 th Amendment promulgated by the Parliament in the year 1992 has provided the framework for our existence. The Uttar Pradesh Government has introduced the necessary changes in the Acts governing the Urban Local.

Corporation works are as under:

  • Creation of Street Light Network and ensuring proper street lighting in the nights
  • Setting up of a State Finance Commission
  • Creation of Water Supply Network, maintaining it and ensuring sufficient quantity of water is available for the citizens
  • Creation of Road network and its maintenance

Provision of other Civic services like:

  • Birth And Death Registration and issue of necessary certificates
  • Horticulture Development in our area
  • Parks Development and Maintenance

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