Moradabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh state of India. It was established in 1600 by Murad, the son of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan; as a result the city came to known as Moradabad. It is situated at a distance of 167 km from the national capital, New Delhi, at the bank of River Ram Ganga (a tributary to the great Ganges). Moradabad is renowned for brass work and has carved a niche for itself in the handicraft industry throughout the world. The brassware is exported to countries like USA, Britain, Canada, Germany and to the Middle East and Asia. Therefore Moradabad is also called "Brass City" or Peetal Nagri..

            The brassware industry in Moradabad bloomed in early 19th century and British took the art to foreign markets. Other immigrating artisans from Benaras, Lucknow, Agra and many other places formed the current cluster of brassware industry in Moradabad.

            In 1980's various other metal wares like brass; iron, aluminum etc. were also introduced to the art industry of Moradabad. New technologies like Electroplating, lacquering, powder coating etc. also found its way to the industry


            It was established in 1600 by prince Murad, the son of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan; as a result the city came to be known as Moradabad. Moradabad is located at 2850′N 7800′E / 28.83N 78.E / 28.83; 78. It has an average elevation of 486 metres (610 feet).


The district of Moradabad lies east of the Ganges and west of the native state of Rampur. Its area is 2285 sq. m. It lies within the great Gangetic plain and is demarcated into three subdivisions by the rivers Ramganga and Sot. The eastern tract consists of a submontane country, with an elevation slightly greater than the plain below, and is traversed by numerous streams descending from the Himalayas. The central portion consists of a level central plain descending at each end into the valleys of the Ramganga and Sot. The western section has a gentle slope towards the Ganges, with a rapid dip into the lowlands a few miles from the bank of the great river.

  • The city is well planned into Enclaves,Vihars & Sectors, etc.It is on NH 24 which is a 4-Laned highway that connects New Delhi to Lucknow